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Bart's Blog, July 2023

Epic Puts the“Extra” in Extracurricular

At Epic, our motto is “school can be different” and whether that means different ages, learning styles or backgrounds, we continuously celebrate these differences. There are many life lessons to be learned through individuality and diversity.

One of the biggest differences between Epic and traditional brick-and-mortar schools is a vast majority of our students typically don’t see each other every day. Because of this, we have created a multitude of clubs and organizations to expand the relationships our students form with each other. Each of these organizations allow students the hands-on, engaging and purposeful interactions that they may not receive in a traditional classroom setting.

Further, this type of relationship building can promote skills such as public speaking, cooperation and teamwork.

Epic believes a well-rounded education is vital. Therefore, we want to ensure the skills learned in these clubs and organizations are transferable to our students’ futures. The opportunities given will allow them to learn, grow and work in team environments. National Honor Society, for example, prides itself on the values of scholarship, leadership, service and character.

Another organization of note is the Warrior Book Club. This organization gives students in Pre-K through 2nd grade the chance to listen to works written by Indigenous authors. They gain the opportunity to engage with each other, all while highlighting Indigenous cultures.

These are just two of the many clubs and organizations Epic offers its students, but my point is to show that these organizations shouldn’t be taken at face value. Our students are the driving force behind the creation, execution and maintenance of every single organization or club. Like so much at Epic, our efforts are student-driven and designed to serve their needs. I am proud to see the dedication these students have made to growing their life-long skills and relationships and I know it will continue for many years to come.

For more information about the clubs and organizations offered at Epic, please visit

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