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Baby's Grasp

Epic Beginnings

For more information about Epic Beginnings, contact:

Shallena Miller

Epic Beginnings Specialist

Epic Beginnings is a free, family support program designed to prepare students from birth to age 5 who reside in a household with at least one Epic student but who are not Epic students themselves.


At Epic, we understand parenting can be hard, especially when that involves helping educate a school-aged child and caring for others who aren’t yet. That’s why we have developed a library of personally supportive and developmentally appropriate resources to help our Epic families prepare every child in their care for school.

The Epic Beginnings Resource Library contains materials that focus on such skills as early childhood literacy, communication, math and science, nutrition and overall well-being services that place a strong emphasis on learning through play and development of the whole child. In short, we want to help every Epic parent help every child prepare for their first day of school, whenever and wherever that happens.

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