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Epic Learning Models

Epic Charter Schools provides Oklahoma students and families with a modern, tuition-free, online learning experience with one-on-one instruction from an Oklahoma-certified teacher, supplemented by in-person support as needed. Students are empowered to work at their own pace in their environment of choice, select courses based on personal interests and career goals, and tailor class schedules to fit their unique lifestyles.


There are three learning models available for your student attending Epic: One-on-One, Comet Academy and Learning Center. Choose the model that works best for you, or contact an Epic Development Specialist at or 405-400-0651 and let us explain the models in more detail and help you choose the best fit for your family.


(Low in-person instruction)

In the One-on-One model, your student will be matched with an Oklahoma certified teacher who has a roster of approximately 30 students of all ages and grade levels. Because One-on-One teachers work with students at all grade levels, students may retain the same teacher throughout their Epic journey.

In-person or online instruction is required once per week.

Academic Support Programs

Not everyone learns in the same way or on the same timeline. Epic understands this and offers several options for special academic support to lead your student to educational success. Whether it’s an early start with Epic Beginnings, an extra boost along the way with RISE Academy or picking up where you left off with the Pathways program for older students; we are here to help guide your student toward the finish line.

Epic Beginnings

Epic Beginnings is a free, family support program designed to prepare students from birth to age 5 who reside in a household with at least one Epic student but who are not Epic students themselves.


At Epic, we understand parenting can be hard, especially when that involves helping educate a school-aged child and caring for others who aren’t yet. That’s why we have developed a library of personally supportive and developmentally appropriate resources to help our Epic families prepare every child in their care for school.

The Epic Beginnings Resource Library contains materials that focus on such skills as early childhood literacy, communication, math and science, nutrition and overall well-being services that place a strong emphasis on learning through play and development of the whole child. In short, we want to help every Epic parent help every child prepare for their first day of school, whenever and wherever that happens.

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