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Learning Fund

Epic Charter Schools provides a unique opportunity for parents to tailor individual curricula needs for their child. Each student is allocated a learning fund that allows for individual curricula choice. The fund allows for individual purchase of school related goods and services. Memberships fees are not paid for through the learning fund. Admission fees may only be paid for out of the Learning Fund, if it is inclusive to an educational class being offered at the location and the admission fee must be paid to access the activity. Non-academic classes can be considered after curricula and technology are purchased. Also, Epic cannot split the cost of any ordered item or curriculum with the family nor reimburse parents for any expenses.

Funds left in a student’s Learning Fund will not roll over to the next school year, and monies can not be shared within sibling groups.

*Note that in order for the Learning Fund to pay a student’s summer invoices (June, July, and August) the student must show active status for this school year, as well as, show enrolled for the following school year. The student must not be in truancy violation and must have the funds to pay for services from the current scholastic year. Summer invoices cannot be paid for with the upcoming school year's funds.

Late Enrollment

Any student that enrolls on or before October 20th of the current school year will receive the full learning fund amount of $1,000. Students that enroll after October 20th will have no learning fund, but will have access to a predetermined curriculum that has been approved for grade level appropriateness by our Senior Leadership Group (Late Enrollment Curriculum subject to change based upon availability). The student will have access to specific academically essential technology.

Technology: Laptops, iPads, and WiFi

A laptop computer or iPad will be made available to your child if you do not have a computer at home as long as the child is enrolled in Epic Charter Schools and if student learning fund allocations provide. Chromebooks are available to our students at no cost to the child’s Learning Fund. Laptops are available to the student for a $250 yearly fee charged to the learning fund. iPad tablets are available to the student for a $300 yearly fee charged to the learning fund. In addition to the computer or tablet, Epic will offer students a Mifi device at $240 a year as internet service if student learning fund allocations provide or if the student would otherwise be unable to access their instruction. (Prices are subject to change if replacement costs change.) Repair costs to laptops and iPads will be charged against the student's learning fund account. The cost of the repair is determined by Telecomp. All technology must be returned in good working order when the student is no longer an Epic student.

Replacement Fees for Lost or Stolen Technology:

  • Laptop: $175

  • iPad: $300

  • MiFi: $100

  • Calculator: $60


Textbooks and Supplies

All textbooks, workbooks, items, and electronic devices purchased through the Learning Fund are the property of Epic Charter Schools. All materials must be returned to the school when the unit or course is finished or if the student leaves Epic Charter Schools. If any textbooks or items cannot be reused due to abuse, a charge may be placed on the Learning Fund to cover the cost of repair or replacement.

For a further explanation of the learning fund please visit:

Late Enrollment
Textbooks and Supplies
Technology: Laptops, iPads...
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