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Youth Connect Club

518 East 12th Street, Ada, OK, 74820

Parkour Ninja Academy - We teach the kids how to overcome obstacles using techniques like underbars, vaults, pk rolls, wall climbs and more.
E-Sports Gaming - We teach cooperation, sportsmanship and versatility. In our instruction we cover A/V technology, basic electrical engineering, rig builds and more.
Dungeons & Dragons - Tabletop Role Playing Game
Blasters Battling - Kids battle using Nerf weapons and bunkers, going through different challenges and games.
Cheer Training - students learn cheer motions, tumbling, dance, chants and stunts
Foam Battling - The kids create their own weapons out of foam and battle using techniques they are taught. They learn dueling, fencing, archery and more.
Guitar Lessons - We have a wonderful instructor who teaches both instruments and is a performer as well. Must be at least in 3rd grade.
Piano Lessons - The students can start from any level, but they must be in at least 3rd grade.
Anime Club - We gather kids who enjoy Japanese animation together and participate in Anime related activities. Must be in at least 3rd grade
Teen Connect - Must be at least 12 years old. We take teens/pre-teens and turn them into leaders through community service, mentoring and leadership courses.


Sher-Mon Clement


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