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1900 Northwest Expressway Floor R3 Oklahoma City, OK, 73118

Project N.O. F.E.A.R for Teen Girls is an eight-week interactive program for 6th-12th grade girls that builds a girl's mindset for greatness with real-life experiences and solutions. Each 60-90 minute session will be interactive with discussion, games, and hands-on activities.
A shift in mindset influences success thereby changing a teenage girl's perspective and attitude toward challenges and setbacks, as well as giving her the confidence to pursue new ideas.
The development of healthy self-esteem requires a powerful and optimistic attitude.
Girls with high self-esteem are more likely to try new things, make healthy changes, and solve problems. As a result, their learning and growth will be fruitful, preparing them for a stable and prosperous future.
Each girl will receive her own autographed copy of the 2X award-winning Bold Brave and Courageous: A NO FEAR Success Guide for Teen Girls which provides the foundational concepts for this program.
Girls in this program will:
-Learn how the fear of disappointment has limited them from reaching their goals.
-Open their minds to the possibilities before them
-Be awakened to fight for what they want
-Be ready to expose themselves to newer and greater things
-Be prepared to launch themselves into opportunities that come their way
-Experience a wake-up call to reach out
-Come out confident and fearless!
-And more….
Each girl who successfully completes the program will receive a Completion Certificate and Custom Goodie Bag.


Wyjuana Montgomery


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