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1343 N XENOPHON AVE, Tulsa, OK 74127

We teach Home economics for children of all ages which we feel is a valuable tool that teaches practical life skills. The basics of home economics include the following: 1. Cooking and Meal Preparation: Children will learn how to plan and prepare meals, follow recipes, recognize and use kitchen equipment safely. 2. Budgeting and Money Management: Children learn the importance of a budget, understand the basic value of money as a result will help them make budgeting decisions. 3. Sewing and Clothing Care: Children learn basic sewing skills, such as hemming, sewing on buttons, and mending clothes, as well as proper clothing care techniques like washing, ironing, and folding. ( This is offered in our Sewing Basics Class) 4. Kitchen Maintenance: Children will learn how to maintain a clean and organized kitchen space, including washing dishes, sweeping floors wiping down appliances used and putting away cooking utensils and or pots and pans . 5. Kitchen Hygiene: Children learn the importance of kitchen hygiene: washing hands, the use of gloves, temperature control and cross contamination 6. Time Management and Organization: Children will learn how to manage their time in the kitchen effectively, set timers for accurate cooking times and temperatures, and prioritize cooking dishes based on their cooking times. 7. Food and Nutrition: Children will learn about the importance of a balanced diet, healthy eating habits, and proper nutrition to support overall health and well-being. By teaching children the basics of home economics, they develop essential life skills that will empower them to become responsible, competent, and self-sufficient individuals in the future.




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