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Read Smart

7711 E 111th St, Suite 120, Tulsa, OK, 74133

We’re excited to work with your family! We have a calling - a passion - to partner with parents and teachers to help children master reading. Read Smart works specifically with children ages Pre-K through 6th Grade.
Read Smart guides your children to master the skills necessary to read at an advanced level - leading to a stronger foundation for all other learning. When kids are strong readers, they do better in school, have more self-confidence, and get further ahead in life.
Using Read Smart’s innovative, creative, and personalized program, your children will be given exactly what they need - on their level and exactly when they need it. Because each child learns differently and at an individual pace, we customize the content of each lesson to maximize learning.
We serve the Tulsa Metro with three convenient locations. South Tulsa - Broken Arrow - Owasso


Delight Anderson


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