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2611 W 40th Pl, Tulsa, OK, 74107

Classes range from private instruction in music theory and instruments (guitar, bass, drums etc) to songwriting, home recording techniques, and group arrangement and rehearsal (‘rock band’ classes). Lessons are catered to each individual student or students, and can change direction or emphasis based on the student’s interests and needs. A priority at Noise Town is placed on encouraging creativity and finding ways for people to learn new ways to express themselves. Instructors include Dustin E. Howard and Mike Rodriguez, co-owners of Noise Town. Howard is a multi Heartland Emmy Award winning composer, performer and music instructor. He has lectured at Street School through the bART foundation and he has composed music for Osiyo (Voices of the Cherokee People), Sesame Street and many films. Rodriguez has written, recorded and produced music for nearly two decades and has had his music licensed by companies such as Amazon and Toyota. He has performed on stages from Los Angeles to New York and continues to record and perform in Tulsa since 2017.


Dustin Howard and Christopher Rodriguez


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