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Grasshopper Learning Center

16035 SW Sardis Cemetery Rd, Clayton, OK, 74536

We offer a huge variety of services. Tutoring in any subject and in every grade, on any performance level.
We offer homeschool support. This looks different for each family, depending on needs or wants.
We offer ACT prep in very. small groups or one on one.
We offer horsemanship and riding lessons on our horses or theirs.
We offer archery as either a recreational activity or a competitive team, depending on interest.
We offer camps. The topics vary greatly. Camp Frog, Carburetor Cure, Farm Favorites, Home Life Skills, and Survival Skills are some of the camps on the list. The camps are cross curricular themed units that span 2 weeks to 3 months and meet 4-6 times in that time period.
We also host other classes, such as Wild Foraging, Gardening, Sports Days, and Natural Farming.
Our list of services is growing. Stay tuned for updates!


Kelley James


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