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Future Heroes Investments LLC

Redline Athletics of Edmond
6433 Boucher Drive, Edmond, OK, 73034

Redline Athletics is a National sports performance brand that specializes in comprehensive athletic development and speed and agility training for athletes, especially those 8-18 years of age.
Athletes train at Redline to become more athletic and more resilient so they can achieve more success on every field-of-play.
If you’ve ever thought: “How do I get faster & quicker?” or “Where can I find age & sport-appropriate strength training?” or “What can I do to get ready and stay ready for my season?” then you’ve found the answer… Redline Athletics.
We offer speed, agility, strength, and conditioning training for all sports. We also offer sports specific training (Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball...more to come)


Christian Wright


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