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About the Program

Math+ offers live, math classes via Zoom with certified math teachers. Students in grades 3 & 4 meet three days a week during 50 min sessions, and grades 5 -12 meet two days a week with 75-minute sessions. Unplugged classes that only require attendance for check-ins and proctored assessments are available in grades 6-12. Both Live and Unplugged students have carefully crafted math courses, fully aligned to Oklahoma standards built in Schoology. In addition, all students have access to office hours and tutoring each week for extra support. Math+ students are required to engage weekly and stay on the pace set by the instructor. For students in live classes, attendance is required.

Students taking 3rd-grade math through Pre-Calculus are eligible to participate in Math+. Math+ uses Zearn Math in grades 3 & 4 and ALEKS Math in grades 5th - 12th for homework and remediation. Zearn & ALEKS will remediate up to two grade levels. Students who are more than two grade levels behind in math will need additional support and instructional time. Successful Math+ students will need to independently use computers and various online programs to complete and submit assignments, email their instructor, and join meetings and office hours.


Erica Nilsson

Math+ Director

Haley Bradley

Math+ HS Coordinator (9th - 12th)

Ashley Cole Math+

MS Coordinator (6th - 8th)

Ashley Tevis

Elementary Coordinator (3rd - 5th)

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