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Epic Live

About the Program

Epic Live Learning Group - Organized Learning Group of Epic Teachers

Teach a 1-hour session each week for Epic Live and enroll your roster students in other Epic Live Learning Group classes offered.

*Teacher is eligible to enroll in classes labeled for Epic Live Learning Group

Principal and MDI Pods

The Epic Live department is here to serve all faculty and students at Epic, regardless of their participation in Epic Live. We are expanding our reach and are happy to assist principals and MDIs with full access to the Epic Live software.

*Teacher is eligible to enroll in classes led by their principal or MDI

LlEpic Departments - Live Course Offerings

The Epic LivePlatform serves several other departments at Epic. These ldepartments offer courses in the Epic Live platform to serve all faculty and students. The majority of these courses are available to anyone and the teacher does NOT need to participate in Epic Live to utilize these Live courses. Examples - Advanced Courses, ELL, World Language, ENN, ICAP, Peer Tutoring, and More!


Specialty Courses Specialist, Felicia Harrel

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