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The Epic Charter Schools Family Engagement Department is now officially KultureCity® Sensory Inclusive Certified!

KultureCity®, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting inclusivity and

accessibility for individuals with sensory needs, proudly announces the achievement of Epic

Charter School's Family Engagement Department for its commitment to creating sensory-

inclusive spaces. KultureCity’s flagship initiative, the Sensory InclusiveTM program, has been

widely embraced by venues, stadiums, and cultural institutions across the nation and around the

world. This groundbreaking program provides training and resources to staff, enabling them to

better accommodate individuals with sensory sensitivities. As a result, countless families and

individuals can now experience and enjoy live events, entertainment, and public spaces with

greater comfort and ease. We are proud to announce that KultureCity® has partnered with The

Family Engagement Department at Epic Charter Schools to make the all Family Engagement

Department programs and events that they host to be sensory inclusive.


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