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Epic Charter Schools expands program for students aged 21-25

OKLAHOMA CITY (June 12, 2024) – Epic Charter Schools today announced the expansion of its successful Pathways program, an initiative to help students aged 21-25 earn their high school diplomas. This follows the passage of Senate Bill 1307, which provides a permanent funding stream. This bill was signed into law by Gov. Kevin Stitt on April 26 and goes into effect July 1.

What began last year as a small, school-funded pilot program helping just 22 refugee students is now poised to help thousands of students across Oklahoma, said Justin Hunt, Epic’s deputy superintendent of instruction. 

“Until recently, older students who never completed high school only had the option to get a GED, which costs money and doesn’t provide instruction-based results,” said Hunt, who oversees the Pathways program. “This funding from the Legislature means that we can offer even more Oklahomans the opportunity to get their high school diploma, access to school services and one-on-one instruction free of charge.”

The Pathways program is 100% virtual and at no cost. To learn more about the Pathways program, people can email or call (405) 400-0651. 

According to guidelines set out in the new law, students applying for the Pathways program must: 

  • Enroll with Epic Charter Schools and identify the period during which they were school aged and unable to attend school.

  • Provide an explanation as to why they were unable to attend school during that time, providing documentation as needed.

  • Obtain approval from Epic’s governing board, which will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Hunt added that due to the school’s mostly virtual learning environment, Epic is in a unique position to fit older students into its one-on-one model without them ever entering a classroom. 

“Pathways students don’t ever set foot in a traditional classroom,” he said, adding that some 35 Pathways students earned their high school diplomas this school year. “They have the ability to work whenever and wherever works best for their adult schedules.” 

Epic Superintendent Bart Banfield called the state funding stream a bold step that will go a long way toward helping those students who need the most help.

“Putting high school diplomas in the hands of those who, for whatever reason, have fallen behind is truly an inspiring thing to be able to do,” Banfield said. “I couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to helping even more Oklahomans achieve their dreams of graduating high school.”

Epic Charter Schools is Oklahoma's largest virtual charter school serving approximately 30,000 students from PreK-12th grade statewide. Epic provides Oklahoma students and families with a modern, tuition-free, online learning experience with one-on-one instruction from an Oklahoma-certified teacher, supplemented by in-person support as needed. Visit for more information.


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