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Academic Counseling

At Epic Charter Schools, we are committed to offering our families a personalized education with one-on-one instruction and individualized academic guidance. If you or a child in your home needs academic support, please take a moment to notify us using our Academic Support form below.

Asset Return - Other

Returning assets, other than Mifi/Computer. If you only have a UPS drop-off location in your local area, we can send you return materials, just complete the form below.

Career Tech Grade Submission

To be completed by Career Tech personnel only in effort to internally track grades.

Concurrent Enrollment Course Grade Submission

To be completed by college or university personnel only in effort to internally track grades.

Open Records Request

This form can be completed for those inquiring about state reporting questions, student numbers, etc.

Records Request - Drivers License

Form to be completed if a student is in need of the Driver's Permit for DPS. IMPORTANT: THIS IS THE ONLY FORM YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLETE FOR THIS PROCESS. In most cases, the Department of Public Safety will only accept an original form which we would mail to you. However, there have been times when they will allow a copy. Please call your local DPS office to verify.

Records Request - Transcript

Form to be completed if a report card or transcript is needed.

Residency Affidavit Form

Tech Support - Device Support

This is the Device Support Form (for Laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, Mifis, and Other School Provided Devices).

Update Vendor Listing

To submit a change to your vendor directory listing, please complete the required fields.

Withdrawal Form

Please provide the following information to submit for Withdrawal for your student. NOTICE: Once completing this form, if it does not successfully submit, please email

Asset Return - MiFi/Computer

Returning assets. If you only have a UPS drop-off location in your local area, we can send you return materials, just complete the form below.

COVID-19 Staff/Family Reporting

COVID-19 tracking for student and staff members to help isolate spead.

College Prep/Work Ready Parent Curriculum Choice Letter

Under 70 O.S. § 11-103.6, state law requires eighth grade students entering the ninth grade to complete the college preparatory/work ready high school curriculum outlined in the statute, unless the student’s parent or legal guardian approves the student to enroll in the core curriculum. The college preparatory/work ready curriculum and the core curriculum requirements are attached. Successful completion of either curriculum will result in a student receiving a standard diploma. However, the core curriculum does not meet college entrance requirements, nor requirements for the Oklahoma’s Promise scholarship available to students whose family income is $55,000 or less annually and who earn a 2.5 GPA in the college preparatory/work ready curriculum.

Diploma Corrections/Re-Printing

Form to be completed if a diploma was lost, misplaced, or never recieved. We can either provide a copy to them virtually, printed, or both.

Re-Entry Form

This form is for Re-Entry for the 23-24 school year. ONLY use this form if your student was withdrawn DURING the 23-24 school year. This will re-enter your student for the remainder of this school year

Records Request - Proof of Enrollment

Form to be completed if POE is needed. POE will show current guardian, address, enrollment status, and anticipated graduation date.

Records Request - Work Permit

Form to be completed if your student is attempting to work. Only use this form if your student is age 14-15. 16 year olds are legally able to work without a permit.

Student Excellence Award

The Student Excellence Award (SEA) program cultivates and supports student learning and development. The SEA is awarded to one student at the end of each semester and recognizes exemplary students who are making exceptional contributions to their personal development and their community.

Tech Support - Other

This is the Other Needs Support Form (for Curriculum, PowerSchool, Enrollment Portal, and Parent Portal)

Vendor Application

Application to be filled out by prospective vendors that would like to be approved in order to serve students using the learning fund.

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