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The Guitar Vault

20 E. 9th St., Suite 110, Shawnee, OK, 73112

We offer full service lessons, retail, and a comfortable
lounge. We offer instruction in guitar, bass,
ukulele, drums, mandolin, piano,
violin, cello, viola, and upright bass.
At The Guitar Vault, there are also no-charge extras that our student can be
involved in! We have a
guided and relaxed jam session on every Friday night
where students and members of the community
come to learn to play together. Once
a student is doing well at the jam session, we go to nursing
homes with as a
group and play for those that appreciate us being there. They are not judgmental
this is a great way to get our students in front of an audience. We also go
to events and play live and
have connections with coffee shops and restaurants
once the students feels confident enough to go
and play solo if they want!
All of our services are taught by our female instructor.
Please visit our website for more information at


Tyler Kupper


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