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Rachel Losey

1712 Beverly Hills St Norman, OK, 73072

I am a certified Special Education Teacher and offer virtual tutoring sessions for all subject areas K-9 and English/Writing K-12. I also offer direct instruction on how to organize, schedule, and pace virtual learning as well as supervised work sessions.
My unique blend of experiences (as a Special Education Teacher, a virtual tutor, and an Epic Charter School parent) empowers me to help students experience success in their academic goals.
I offer regular tutoring and work sessions that utilize a technique called 'Body Doubling.' In a Virtual Body Doubling Work session, the student and the tutor both share their screens and complete 'work' together. You can read more about Body Doubling here.
My Rates
Tutoring sessions $35/session
Work Sessions $25/session
Group rate discount is $5 less per child


Rachel Losey


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