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Platinum Research And Consulting Partners LLC

17144 E. 860 Rd., Okarche, OK, 73762

Natural aptitude assessment. Dallas, TX was the closest place to get natural aptitude/ability assessment at AIMS or Johnson O'Connor. I became a certified Highland's Ability Battery (HAB) consultant. Now students can get assessed here in OK. I am the only consultant in central Oklahoma and the only consultant in the state with a PhD. The assessment measures 14 abilities, 3 personal style dimensions, and one skill. The HAB also lets the student know their learning style and pairs them with careers that are parallel with their unique aptitude levels. It gives the student a sense of direction, improves self-efficacy, raises self-esteem, and gives them options for their future. This is NOT an interest inventory. An interest inventory looks at what an individual would like to do. Interest inventories do not address whether the individual has the natural aptitudes to actually perform the tasks involved in that career successfully. The HAB addresses this gap. The assessment is 100% research based. Re-validated, on average, every 5 years. The HAB is online and results are reviewed via a two hour debrief with myself, Dr. Shari Beecher, PhD. in person at my Kingfisher, OK office (220 N. Main St., Ste D, Kingfisher, OK 73750) or online via Zoom, whichever is more comfortable for the student and parent(s). Along with the HAB, an additional assessment is included. The self-regulation questionnaire assesses the student's goal making and goal completion ability. The student will have over 65 pages of results to help them decide what career path to take after completing their education at Epic.


Shari Beecher


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