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3420 Kingston, Ponca City, OK, 74604

New Life Trails has 35 acres and is located on the north side of Ponca City. We have 9 large horses(8 for riding), 9 miniature horses(4 for riding). At the Trails, we have rabbits, chickens, cows, sheep, goats, llama, donkeys, ect..... The lesson are for an hour and consist of grooming, saddling, riding in arena, riding trails, and riding obstacle course at a cost of $40 an hour.
In addition, New Life Trails will be providing tutoring services. I am a certified special education teacher. I have been a 3rd grade teacher for 6 years, Title One Reading and Math Intervention teacher for 8 years, and Special Education teacher for 3 years. Tutoring sessions are for an hour at a cost of $30 an hour.


Deborah Spears


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