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351 N Air Depot Blvd, GG, Midwest City , Oklahoma 73110

Jiu Jitsu is a grappling martial art that originated as a self defense but has become a hobby and sport practiced around the world. It shares techniques with Wrestling and Judo to get an opponent to the ground. Once there, Jiu Jitsu uses moves to get to advantageous positions where the opponent could not harm you but you could harm your opponent if need be. Once in these strong positions, Jiu Jitsu goes further to teach you how to finish an opponent with a wide variety of submission attacks which would cause your adversary to submit, face serious injury, or be choked out. These submissions include a very wide variety of chokes, arm locks, leg locks, etc. Traditional Jiu Jitsu is performed in a GI. A Gi is a martial arts uniform that is meant to resemble clothing. Jiu Jitsu uses the Gi (clothing) for many of its moved and chokes. That's right, learn to choke people with their clothes! We also offer Nogi Jiu Jitsu which does not utilize clothing.


Tyler Murrah


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