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31805 Temecula Parkway, 326, El Reno, OK, 73036

Automotive Service Technology
“Every student, no matter his or her current level of knowledge and experience, will learn new things. Whether you want to be a premiere mechanic or just want to understand your vehicle, this course will provide you with those skills. Automotive technologies are constantly changing, so basic reading and math skills are very important. A car is the second most expensive thing you will ever purchase; you should understand what costs you so much.”
Student gain knowledge and skills for entering careers in automotive service and repairs, parts supply, and after-market product installation. Instruction will be delivered in a hybrid format. Whenever possible and appropriate, students will complete theory-based instruction off campus while logged into a virtual classroom (students with limited or no internet access will attend classes in person at the shop location). When it becomes necessary to perform hands-on competencies, they will be conducted in the shop/lab and under all safety and social distancing guidelines determined by the instructor. Instruction and experiences include the functioning, servicing, and repairing of suspension systems, brake systems, automotive electrical systems, and fuel systems.




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