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13708 Paddington Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73142

I offer private voice/singing lessons from the NW Oklahoma City studio, and online voice lessons from any location! I welcome beginner through advanced singers, ages 5 and older. As a Certified Voice Teacher with over 30 years of experience singing, performing, and teaching, I am passionate about helping singers develop, hone, and embrace their authentic singing voice. Students will learn proper breath support, correct posture, and how to sing without strain or vocal fatigue. I work with students to increase vocal range, build vocal strength, and I teach how to locate and blend smoothly between chest and head voice registers. With continued training, students will achieve mixed voice and belt coordination and be able to sing high notes with ease. Vocal coaching can also help students prepare for auditions and performances, focusing on performance strategies, stage presence, musical choices, and microphone technique. I encourage all styles of music, including contemporary/pop, musical theatre, and classical/opera. I design customized vocal exercises for every student based on their vocal needs and goals, and lessons are tailored for each individual student, starting at the first lesson!


Jenny Fullwood


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