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Metropolitan School Of Dance, Inc

600 North High Avenue, Suite 240, Oklahoma City, OK, 73117

Metropolitan trains students ages 3 through senior adult in dance. Programming operations are much like that of local public-school systems in Central Oklahoma. Classes are conducted during the week Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5:45pm until 8:15pm. These evening classes are set in place for older students ages 12 and up, while all other levels from ages 3 and above are conducted on Saturday's from 9:00am until 3:00pm.
MSDI has several training sessions throughout the year. Fall session from August through December, Spring Session from January through June, our Intensive Annual Summer Dance Camp Mid-June to the first week of July and presenters of the OKC Tap Dance Festival traditionally held the 3rd weekend in September. In 2023 the Tap Fest is September 22nd through 24th, 2023. The length on class times is based on age and technical skill levels of each child.
Metropolitan School of Dance, Incorporated (MSDI) is dedicated to enabling students of every socio-economic background the excitement of personal accomplishment through dance. Our program lends attention to building positive self-esteem, discipline, determination, self-worth and focus through dance. The process of training at MSDI adds to participants academic abilities through math, articulation or vocabulary and problem solving. Our program in short: “Building character, through the art of and inclusion in Dance”.
Through affordable programming, our demand is for sound technical training for all students. Training for each participants includes several genres in dance. MSDI trains in ballet, tap, modern, jazz, African, Pointe', Hip-Hop, Salsa and Drumming. If anyone desires to dance, they can do that at MSDI. But note that we are not a place of recreation. This is dance, and dance in its most technical form. No, we are not a school of competition. Our program systematically begins teaching each student just as they are and builds on their ability to advance in skills in both classical and cultural dance styles. The very same student who trains at MSDI is the same that feed into professional companies, institutions of higher learning and win scholarships to other dance companies throughout the nation. We do not conduct classes for the sake of performing in pretty costumes to wow an audience. The process of training in dance is focusing on proper technique without injury and one that reinforces creative movement and expression commensurate with age, growth, development and ability.


Frances Pitts


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