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3325 S Blvd, 133, Edmond, OK, 73013

KidStrong is a milestone accelerator for kids walking through 11 years old.
We help parents discover their child’s superpowers and build future-ready kids who are confident making friends, run the playground, and raise their hand high in the classroom.
In other words… kids who will win at life. We do this by giving parents the tools to build stronger kids at our centers and at home:
• Private training centers run classes with custom equipment and KidStrong-Certified Coaches for KidStrong members
• Online Access to Experts and Training Programs for parents and kids to continue making progress at home
Programming designed to increase physical literacy, strength, and general athleticism.
A curriculum focused on life skills and helping kids be more confident and mentally tough.
Programming focused on improving mental development, problem-solving, and creativity.


Michael Moussa


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