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Aim Academy Of Oklahoma LLC

7 Birdie Ln, Shawnee, OK, 74804

Mission statement: Provide rigorous and relevant academic standards, utilizing problem solving, research, inquiry, and intense depth of knowledge strategies to build a solid foundation for student career pathways.
AIM Academy provides individualized educational instruction utilizing national and state academic standards. Intersessions will provide 10 hours of specific standards instruction in the areas of Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Math. Each intersession will have woven into content and instruction the English Language Arts.
AIM Academy is grounded in brain based learning. Our teaching methods and lesson designs are based on the latest scientific research based strategies for cognitive development.
A pivotal life skill is problem solving. We work on training the brain to be organized, breakdown tasks into step –by- step sequences, relate the parts to the whole, task focus, and time management.
Social Awareness- perspective taking, flexible thinking, positive self - esteem, and motivation are four cornerstones of social awareness incorporated daily.


Rhonda Ellard


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