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No Red Ink

Niveles de grado


NoRed Ink's writing curriculum learners in grades 3-12 by personalizing exercises to their interests, boosting their skills through differentiated practice, and guiding them step-by-step as they draft and revise essays. Built-in diagnostic tools make it easy for teachers to track individual student growth so they can work with students that need more intervention while others progress at their own pace. It’s aligned with the Oklahoma state standards, SAT/ACT/NWEA, WIDA, and Common Core, and is used by more than 60% of US districts. The ELA Instructional coaches strongly encourage teachers to consider purchasing No Red Ink as their core writing curriculum for students in 3th-8th grade.
For access to the demo account please use the password is Sparkling water. Teachers will not be able to add students to this account, but this is a great opportunity to look at all of the curriculum we offer. There is a list of guidelines that teachers and parents should use to navigate the program.

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