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Hispanic Programs


Adrianne Arellano

Hispanic Programs Specialist

405-749-4550, Ext. 354

Giani Kantor

Hispanic Programs Specialist

405-749-4550, Ext. 525

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At Epic, we take pride in fostering a learning environment that celebrates and embraces Hispanic culture and heritage. Our Hispanic Programs are dedicated to providing all Epic PK-12 students with enriching cultural experiences and essential academic resources for a successful educational journey. Through these programs, students will connect with the culture, explore the history, and learn to leverage this knowledge in planning their futures. We are committed to offering academic support and resources to ensure every student has the necessary opportunities to achieve their goals.

Our department is dedicated to:

Academic Support

  • Our program provides tailored support through academic resources, tutoring, and mentorship to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed. We also offer college and career guidance and resources to help students navigate their educational journey and plan for a successful future.

Cultural Enrichment

  • We provide opportunities for culturally rich events, festivals, and workshops that allow students to explore the Hispanic heritage and gain a deeper understanding of the cultural roots.

Family Engagement

  • We actively engage with families to create a collaborative partnership in their child's education. We offer workshops, resources, and events that strengthen the bonds between home and school.

Supportive and Empowering Community 

  • We celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Hispanic/Latinx population through culturally relevant instruction, events, and resources.  We aim to honor these cultural traditions so all students feel welcomed and valued.  We work to eliminate barriers and provide a safe space where all Epic students can thrive.

Empowerment and Leadership

  • We nurture leadership skills and confidence among Hispanic students. We aim to produce high school graduates and help create unique, strong, resilient young adults ready to embark on their journey toward making their dreams and goals come true!

*We also encourage our students to join one of our many organizations. We have something for everyone!

  • Hispanic Student Organization (HSO): Students in 9-12

  • Junior Hispanic Student Organization (JHSO): Students in 6-8

  • Cultural Explorer's Club: Students in PK-5

Click here for more information on our Organizations.

For questions or more information, please email us at:

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