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ELA+ offers core classes for grades 2nd-8th, featuring live instruction and remediation support from highly-qualified and passionate literacy teachers. 

In ELA+, students will participate in twice-weekly, live virtual instruction. Classes are 60 minutes in length for 2nd and 3rd grade and 75 minutes in length for 4th-8th grade. On days where no live instruction is scheduled, students will be responsible for completing assignments that reinforce what has been taught, review foundational skills, and prepare them for upcoming classes. Students who are more than two grade levels behind in ELA will need additional support and instructional time. ELA+ instructors will reach out to eligible students and their families about this course requirement.

Successful ELA+ students:

  • stay engaged in an interactive, online class. 

  • complete 3-4 hours of weekly asynchronous assignments.

  • meet deadlines for assignments and projects.

  • sustain pace in grade level coursework and instruction.

  • compose both manually through handwriting and electronically by typing (with guardian support when necessary).

  • keep an organized notebook.

  • scan and upload documents.

  • check and return email correspondence daily.

ELA+ courses are designed to:

  • fully meet students’ ELA instructional needs and replace their core ELA curriculum. 

  • build core knowledge.

  • teach all grade-level literacy standards. 

  • integrate select science and social studies standards.

  • cultivate critical thinking skills, creativity, and a love for literacy. 

  • foster discipline and accountability as well as technology and collaboration skills.


Amber Parks

ELA+ Director

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