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Apex Learning

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Every student deserves a path to success. Apex Learning puts rigorous, standards-based curriculum within reach for all students — from those struggling to those ready to accelerate — to prepare them for the next course and the next stage in their education, work, and life. Comprehensive Courses meet high school graduation requirements in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and selected electives. Adaptive Tutorials offer seamless, personalized instruction, practice, and review to ensure all students reach and exceed grade-level mastery so they pass their classes the first time, excel on high-stakes exams, and are prepared for postsecondary success. Students get immediate support from built-in scaffolds – they never have to wait until the end of a video or navigate away from a lesson to get help. Apex Learning purposefully creates an active learning experience that engages and motivates students to persist in their learning and build subject mastery.

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