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EPIC အကြောင်း

The mission of the College and Career Readiness Department is to ensure students are future ready, in demand, and prepared for success beyond high school. We partner with students to ensure they are educated and equipped to pursue opportunities aligned with their interests and short and long term goals.

High school students are introduced to postsecondary education, training, and workforce opportunities to ensure they feel purposed, empowered, and excited about their next step in life.

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Epic သည် သင့်အတွက် မှန်ကန်ပါသလား။

Stay informed about upcoming College and Career Readiness events available to Epic High School students by following the College and Career Readiness Calendar
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Epic သည် သင့်အတွက် မှန်ကန်ပါသလား။

Do you know of an organization that might be interested in hosting Epic high school students as interns? Do you own or manage a business that would like to hire Epic high school students?
Submit the form below to get connected regarding these opportunities!

Epic သည် သင့်အတွက် မှန်ကန်ပါသလား။

Want current college and career information and resources? The College and Career Readiness Newsletter is the tool you need! All Epic High School students should receive the emailed Newsletter every other Monday.
To access the archived College and Career Readiness Newsletters, click below:
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