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Racquet And Health 91, LLC

3030 East 91st, Tulsa, OK, 74137

Pee Wee Program is for the players ages 4-5. Students will learn basics of tennis. The class aims to improve overall hand-eye coordination and introductory tennis skills.
Developmental Program is for the beginner to intermediate level players ages 6-11. Students will learn all the skills to develop the hands, eyes, and feet thru a series of coordination drills, games, and exercises.
School Class Program is for the middle to high school player ages 12-19 looking to improve their overall game. The class includes a combination of fed-ball drills, live-ball drills, and game play.
Junior Academy Program (UTR 3.0-6.0) and Academy Program (UTR 6.0 and above) is designed for players who are committed to play at district, sectional, and national tournaments. The program stresses technique, proper footwork, mental discipline, attitude, and physical conditioning.
Full Time Tennis Program (UTR 5.0 & above) is for the competitive player ages 11-18. Players are committed to a lifestyle of competitive tennis. This team environment is unique and players are challenged to be their personal best on and off the court. These goal driven players want to compete at the highest levels in junior tennis. This class requires an alternative school schedule and tremendous time management. There will never be more than 4 players on a court during training and every player will have a daily focus, weekly goal, and yearly developmental plan. Tournament planning, periodization, and tennis specific fitness are critical to the success of the player in the full time program. All players will have a TTA coach to mentor and guide the developmental process.


Kristin Williams


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