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Cultural Explorer's Club

د کلب په اړه

Attention all students from PK-5! Get ready for a thrilling adventure! Join the Cultural Explorers Club, where we'll learn all about Hispanic culture through amazing stories, vibrant traditions, and creative crafts. Meet new friends, dive into faraway lands, and experience the joy of reading and learning together. Students will follow along as we read enchanting stories highlighting the beauty of this heritage through thoughtfully selected books written by or about Hispanics. After the read-aloud, we will encourage discussion and introduce a craft inspired by the story that was just read. Together, we can celebrate the vast richness of Hispanic cultures, nurturing a sense of belonging and understanding among young readers while encouraging their curiosity and imagination.

Meeting Times: Mondays at 1 p.m. via Zoom


Requirements Open to ALL students in grades PK-5. Interested? Click here to join. 


Adrianne Arellano

Hispanic Programs Specialist

Giani Kantor

Hispanic Programs Specialist

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