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Riley Sports Performance

820 Irish Lane, Edmond, OK, 73003

Youth Strength & Agility Class:
This class is for youth athletes to grow in strength and agility.
What to expect:
- Learn the fundamentals in strength training to offset injury and boost performance
- Become faster and quicker on his/her feet
- Learn how to stretch & how stretching correlates with performance
Baseball Lessons:
One on one baseball skill development - hitting, fielding, pitching, and catching
Group baseball skill development - hitting, fielding, pitching, and catching
High School Baseball Specific Strength Program/High School Strength Program:
An individualized program dedicated to building better athletes and baseball players.
This program is for athletes 13 years and older which focuses on hard work and individual development. The individualized program will provide weekly workouts to be completed at RSP under "group supervision" by our staff.
Each workout includes the following:
- Active warm-up and individualized mobility
- Speed and plyometric training
- Ballistic/power training
- Individualized strength training
- *Throwing program
- *Baseball-specific strength training
(*=included in baseball program)
Personal Training:
One on one individualized strength & condition program.


Katie Riley


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