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Nature Field Creative Academy

208 E Franklin Rd, Norman, OK, 73071

We are so excited to partner with you this school year!
Whether your child is looking to make new friends, you need a few hours per week to check some things off of your to do list, or you are looking for fun hands on experiences for your student, Nature Field's Homeschool Enrichment Classes could be just the right fit for your family!
Our homeschool Enrichment Classes are taught by Ms. Christy who has been an educator for more than 25 years and a homeschool parent for more than 10! Classes are offered every Monday. We will be coming alongside of you and providing hands-on learning experiences in areas such as art, cooking, science, nature exploration and more! You may contact Ms. Christy at
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📚Storybook Journey📚
For students 4th through 7th Grade. Storybook Journey is a monthly brunch and book club that meets the 2nd Friday of each month from 10:00am to 1:00pm. The cost is $40 per month and includes:
📖Acess to a private Facebook Group with discussion topics, activity ideas and more.
📖 A 3 hour book club meeting each month with lively discussions, hands on activities and a yummy brunch.
📖 A fun and safe environment for your student to meet new people and read new books!
🧪Homeschool Enrichment Classes🎨
🌿Early Ed (Kinder through 3rd Grade) Every Monday 9am through 12pm. $30 per class or $115 per month.
🌿Upper Ed (4th through 6th Grade) Every Monday 12:30pm through 3:30pm. $30 per class or $115 per month.


Abigail Ramirez


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