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JB Tutors LLC

1535 Edgewood Lane, Sapulpa, OK, 74066

-One-on-one, sibling, or small group tutoring.
-Clientele: online learning, public & private education, homeschool
-Variety of grade levels: ranging from kindergarten through high school.
-Variety of location options — my home, library, coffee shop, zoom.
My students have benefited from my tutoring in a myriad of areas: Math, LTW, essay writing, Logic, Latin, Debate, homework help and accountability, and skills practice & review, just to name a few. Also, my experience as an English Composition instructor gives me a deeper perspective on essay organization, writing, proofing, citing, etc. If your student needs some extra motivation and educational support, or if Mom does, reach out to me so we can discuss educational goals for your student. I would love to bring that extra academic support you need.


Julia Byrtus


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