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Quail Springs Baptist Church

14613 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK, 73134

Youth Sports Leagues
Flag Football League with 9 practices and 7 games Aug - Oct K-12th Grade boys & girls
Volleyball League with 8 practices and 6 games Aug - Oct 3rd-8th Grade girls
Two Basketball Leagues during the year with 10 practices and 7 games. K-12th Grade Boys & Girls
Season 1 is Oct- Dec Season 2 is Jan - Mar.
Cheerleading w/ Basketball 10 practices and 7 games. K-5th Grade Girls
Season 1 is Oct-Dec Season 2 is Jan-Mar
Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer Camps during the summer - 3 day camps each. June & July
Sign is always the 6-8 weeks prior to start date listed above.
Sign up at


Van Greenwood


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