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EducationALIVE High School Navigator Program: Journey to the Summit
Introduction to the Journey to the Summit: Why This Program & System At This Time?
The Journey to the Summit is designed to provide students with an opportunity to explore who they are, how they are motivated, what makes them come alive.
They also need to develop their skills and interests while using that knowledge to direct them on the best life/career path.
The Journey to the Summit not only gives them this opportunity, but it is designed to assist them through the process.
But why now?
We believe that students possess various levels of leadership potential and a deep passion to change the world, and that they can discover their calling and pursue it.
Our culture needs people committed to making a positive difference.
There are opposing viewpoints competing for the allegiance of our young people today, and the question is, how well equipped are they to effectively engage in this emerging struggle?
They can be!
Education ALIVE is preparing the next generation of leaders to exercise the kind of strategic influence that is needed to set the right course for our future.
It’s time for Education to come ALIVE!
There are five (5) major issues facing teens in today’s world, and we have designed The Journey to the Summit to counter these issues:
Drug Abuse, Suicide, Violence, Anxiety and Social Isolation
While no single program can completely counter or stop these issues, this program is designed to provide an avenue to allow the conversation to be heard.


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