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2900 W Hefner Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Our Studio program, designed for children aged 6-9, is an innovative and engaging two-day-a-week homeschool hybrid where creativity and Spanish come together to help students realize their full potential. We understand that learning is a lifelong journey, and that the family’s influence is paramount in shaping a child’s educational experience. The Studio program is more than a classroom; it’s a space where children can explore their interests, collaborate with peers, and develop essential skills while strengthening their Spanish proficiency. By combining at-home learning with practical application, our program supports the idea that the family is a primary teacher and partner in the educational process, while helping children realize their dreams and become confident, bilingual individuals, all in a setting where creativity and Spanish meet to inspire and empower young minds. In depth Studio description: Our Studio program offers a dynamic and personalized educational experience that merges creativity and Spanish language learning. Here’s a closer look at what makes this program truly special: Customized Curriculum: We believe in empowering families to make the best choices for their child’s learning journey. Families play a vital role in teaching foundational skills at home, and they have the freedom to choose the homeschooling style and curriculum that best suits their individual learner. At the Studio, we provide the opportunity for application of the skills learned at home in a supportive environment through meaningful projects and collaboration with peers. This approach recognizes that each child is unique, and families have the autonomy to shape their child’s educational path. Project-Based Learning: Our Studio program follows a project-based learning (PBL) approach, where students engage in hands-on, real-world projects to apply their knowledge. PBL encourages students to explore, create, and problem-solve, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts. PBL, in contrast to traditional teaching methods, places students at the center of their own learning, encouraging critical thinking and collaboration. Holistic Learning: Our classroom guides seamlessly integrate core subject areas into each project. Whether it’s math, science, language arts, or social studies, the projects serve as a canvas for interdisciplinary learning and problem-solving. Full Immersion: We’re committed to full Spanish language immersion. Students are surrounded by the language, creating an environment where they naturally acquire Spanish language skills as they explore and create. Montessori-Inspired Learning: The Studio classroom embraces a mixed-age model, allowing students to collaborate with peers who share similar interests and abilities. This unique approach fosters a sense of community and encourages children to take on leadership roles, engage in peer learning, develop a growth mindset, and dive deep into topics. For example, a 6-year-old with a passion for storytelling can collaborate with a 9-year-old to bring a story to life, showcasing the benefits of a mixed-age classroom. Family Involvement: We remain committed to involving families in the learning process. We provide resources for parents to continue fostering Spanish language development at home, such as routine PDFs, audio books, songs, and more. Constructivist Teaching: In our Studio program, we employ a constructivist teaching approach. Constructivism emphasizes that students learn best when actively constructing their own understanding and knowledge through hands-on experiences. Unlike traditional teaching methods, where information is delivered passively, constructivist teaching encourages interactive and dynamic learning. We understand that some terms may be unfamiliar, and we’re committed to providing resources to help parents better understand these educational approaches. Links to informative articles on these terms can be made available for those who are curious, ensuring clarity and transparency in our educational philosophy. Our Studio program aims to provide children with the tools and opportunities to develop not only academic skills but also a love for learning, creativity, and a strong sense of identity. We welcome families to join us on this unique bilingual learning journey, where the family’s role as a partner in education is honored and celebrated.


Daniela Perieda


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