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Arts & Humanities Council Of Tulsa, Inc.

101 E Archer St, Tulsa, OK, 74103

Ahha Tulsa is a connecting place for artists, cultural organizations, and the public.
Ahha envisions a culturally aware city where the lives of all citizens are enriched by access to and participation in a diverse spectrum of arts and humanities experiences at the ahha Hardesty Center as well as in school, in the workplace, and in neighborhoods.
We will be an integral part of this vision for Tulsa by:
Advocating for arts and humanities education at all levels through partnerships and programs.
Taking a lead role in fostering cooperation among Tulsa arts and humanities organizations for the benefit of all.
Maintaining state of the art facilities that benefit the artists, arts organizations and the greater community and further our mission.
Developing innovative programs and exhibits that bring the arts to the public.
Operating a financially sound, efficient nonprofit with innovative internal procedures, highly professional staff, an engaged board of directors and unmistakable passion for the mission.


Bracken Klar


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